Mind Hill - Building Ideas

We build internet technolgy, develop software systems, enable entrepreneurship and disrupt the market. Our passion is challenging the status quo and deploy innovative solutions.


What we do

A short summary of what we do.


We are building prototype and MVPs and test solution for problems. Speed is essential so we are focusing on MVPs and fast experiments to get customer feedback as early as possible.


We are developing custom software solutions which solve new challenges. Our focus is backend development with efficient algorithms and smart solutions.


Once ideas fly, we scale solutions and optimize processes to make the business a success.


A few selected examples what we created and where we innovate.


FamilyGeek is a platform designed to bring joy and harmony to your family life. Connect more and always share your feelings with your Family. Join us in creating a positive and thriving family experience!


CryptYoLo is a a Cardano blockchain explorer and a Cardano staking pool (ADA). We are actively participating in the blockchain development and operating a copy of it to ensure decentralization.


Stororama is a digital platform for renting and hosting storage spaces. This can be a basement, a room, a garage, a storeroom, or a car space. Our platform is an alternative to self-storage-facilities where you can host your own storage and earn money or rent good and secure storage in your neighborhood.


Erbsenzaehlerei is providing customized food. Simply personalicious. Helping people stay healthy and have no regrets while eating out.


Gildhoff.com is a private homepage which is used for family business such as mailserver and more. We are hosting and mainting the site.


Mind Hill UG (haftungsbeschränkt)
Alte Landstr. 243, 22391, Hamburg, Germany